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Specialist in Protection Services

Plan B Investigations has a wealth of experience in providing surveillance and close protection services.

Hire a renowned investigator for any intervention in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval or anywhere in the province of Quebec.

Reliable and trained personnel

Do you feel like you’re being followed? Are you concerned that your privacy may be attacked because of your social status? We are at your service to ensure your safety and that of our loved ones. This includes securing your home and vehicle.

We also look at any computer or communication device that may be used to violate your privacy. This is especially important with cyber attacks on the rise. We can also accompany you on your travels and provide you with close protection in all circumstances.

We ensure your protection and that of your loved ones

We offer a multitude of security solutions

Plan B Investigations has more than 25 years of experience in providing investigation, surveillance and security services. We have the resources and capabilities to deploy covert protective surveillance and ensure the protection of people from different walks of life. Contact us for solutions tailored to your security needs.

Our adaptability and responsiveness enable us to anticipate problems of different complexities. We also offer our services to other companies specializing in surveillance and close protection.

27 years of experience in the industry

Infiltration Montréal

Why choose us:

  • Wealth of experience
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Discretion

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1688 Boul. des Laurentides, suite #205

Laval, QC H7M 2P4


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