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Private and Corporate Investigation Services

Drawing on 27 years of experience, Plan B Investigations specializes in a range of bespoke investigation and intelligence services.

We serve clients throughout the province of Quebec.

Diverse range of skills

There are many reasons why an individual or a company may solicit the services of a private investigator. As an individual, you may be looking for assistance with matrimonial, infidelity or child custody matters. You may also be wishing to reconnect with relatives or heirs. In the corporate world, intelligence gathering can give you a vital competitive advantage when making strategic business decisions or hiring employees.

In both cases, we understand the sensitivities involved in requesting a private investigation and we guarantee discreet and professional services. Our team is highly skilled in both private and corporate investigations!

We are experienced in both private and corporate investigations

Knowledge is power

Whether you need an in-depth due diligence report for a potential merger and acquisition or evidence ready for submission in a legal matrimonial proceeding, contact Plan B Investigations for a multitude of professional investigation services. Rest assured that we understand every case is different. To competently conduct your investigation, we deploy the experts and services you need for your exact situation.

Our services are available to individuals, companies, lawyers and banks, among other institutions. We also assist many surveillance and security companies.

We offer meticulous services tailored to your needs

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Our strengths:

  • Wealth of experience
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Personalized service
  • Client confidentiality

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1688 Boul. des Laurentides, suite #205

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